Friday, March 20, 2009

Inspiration Pieces!

Decorating can be a bit daunting. Sometimes just the thought of going shopping for furniture and accessories, can have even the most seasoned decorator thinking that lime green couch they purchased at a thrift store back in college, really doesn't look so bad! Which is why most people prefer to hire a professional, or forgo re-decorating all together.

We've all been to that friend's house, you know the one I'm referring to. She has the perfect clothes, just the most unbelievable shoes and accessories and can put it all together in five seconds flat and still manage to look flawless! But her house, on the other hand, congers up images of a fraternity house just after an all night kegger! It's a mess! Missed matched furniture. Old and outdated accessories and a kitchen that even your grandmother would hate! She, just like countless others I encounter everyday, is suffering from a lack of inspiration and of course, a deep seated fear of not knowing where to start.

But I'm hear to tell you... it doesn't have to be a daunting task. It can even be fun. All you have to do is find an inspiration piece. It can be as big as a sofa, or as small as a crystal vase. Maybe it's a really cool piece of art, or that beautiful chandelier you saw in that vintage store last weekend. Just so long as it's amazing to you and inspires you to think big, it's worth having in your home! Once you've found your inspiration, everything else falls into place.
But don't rush it and please don't go into one of those one stop furniture stores that puts it all together for you. Yes, it is easier, but where's the fun in that? Take your time and find pieces that say who you are. When it's all finished, your friends will be begging you to help them decorate their homes!

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